A Revolutionary
New Way To Exercise
on Cape Cod

Traditional Pilates of Cape Cod offers Gyrotonic, Authentic Pilates, Gyrokinesis, TAP Pilates Certification, Dance Therapy and Yoga

We Now Offer:

A Better YOU Starts Today!

Whether you are looking to experience the new and innovative way to work out with
Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis®, or Gyrotonic for Golf Applications, or the tried and true
method of Authentic™ Pilates, or the ancient method of Kundalini Yoga, we can
design a work ľout for you. Whatever your age or ability we can
enrich your life through our programs. Let us help you to
discover the enormous benefits of our low impact
therapeutic methods of working out and reaching your
goals of better health and over all well-being.

The Benefits of Pilates

  • Longer, leaner muscles (less bulk, more freedom of movement)
  • Improves postural problems
  • Increases core strength/ stability
  • Helps prevent injury
  • Enhances functional fitness, ease of movement
  • Balances strength & flexibility
  • Heightens body awareness
  • No-impact - easy on the joints
  • Can be customized for everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
  • Complements other methods of excise
  • Improves performance in sports (golf, tennis, skiing, skating, dance, etc.)
  • Improves balance, coordination & circulation